The company was founded on date of 5th April 1882 under the name "Usines et Fonderies de Baume et Marpent", having two factory locations, one in Baume in the Wallon region and the other in Marpent in the North of France.

From 1991 onwards BMT nv has grown from a 1.8 billion BEF company with three Belgian factories to a group of companies, reaching 6.9 billion BEF turnover in 2000 and active in 9 countries on a total of 15 sites.

The investment in Iasi began in 1998, BMT Romania-Iasi becoming soon one of the most important investors in Iasi and in Moldova region.

Compania GAT began the cooperation with BMT Romania-Iasi in 1999 by executing the power supply installation with transforming station 20 kV. Further, our company worked on the improvements made by BMT in the working areas (illumination, power installations, groundings etc.).

As follows you can see some images of the works done at the BMT situated in the industrial area of Iasi.
(photos taken courtesy of BMT Romania, Iasi)


In the next two pictures you can see two examples of the works in lighting performed by our company at BMT facilities.

The distributions of the lighting corps were computer aid designed.

For more information about our suppliers of lighting material, please visit partners page.
Power supply
The first cooperation with BMT regarded the power supply station of the production facilities, including a Siemens (Trafo Union) 20 kV transformer.
We have presented here only few of the works we did for our valuable client BMT. Our collaboration included many other aspects of the electrical installation of the production facilities like power supply for smaller machinery, groundings, replacements of circuitry etc.. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us!
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